Thursday, 16 June 2011

Who says cheesy chat up lines dont work?...They do you know :D

Corny Pick Up Lines For Guys - you need to stop what your doing and read this!!

As a fun lovin party goin kinna guy, I love to chat up women when I go out. Its just awesome, that feeling when a girl checks you out and those first few nervous lines when your hearts pounding and your stomach is doing somersaults - its what Saturday nights are all about RIGHT? ...

Well if there is one thing that really ruins my night -  its bein kicked on my ass by super hot confident chicks that leave me with my jaw trailing on the floor like some sort of 12 year old kid.

Le'me tell you a story that happened to my friend just a couple of months back...

Ok so picture the scene - He's in the bar at a club and he see's this real sexy mama by the corner and shes with a few friends laughing fixin her dress - the usual. SO!

After a few drinks wile he's settlin down with his mates, he catches her eye a couple of times! HOLD ON WHATS THIS? he thinks..

"Havnt I read about this before?" - If you catch here eye more than once you can be 99% certain shes into you!!??

"HOLY SHIT -Could this be true?" -So he cooly continues talkin and messin with his buddies and she begins playing with her hair now!!

"AAWW MAAAN - this is IT!" - He has also heard that this is another MAJOR sign shes into you!- he thinks hes nearly back at her parents house for dinner for cryin out loud!! LOL

But not yet!...He's gotta make that all important move... So he finally plucks up the gonads to go over and say "HI" - he finishes his drink - says NOTHING to the guys (who might totally blow his cover) and her friends have just gone to the bar - WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! so he casually strides over beside her...

Thoughts tearing through his mind, heart pounding, sweat starting to pour from his armpits...and suddenly there she is right in front of him and he says with a troubled smile...



OH MY GOD!!... You can almost hear a penny drop - its as if he was standing there naked wile the whole place stares at his pathetic footy boxers

She looks at him with pure amazmnent on her face - but NO! No shes not reaching for her drink to throw round him - OH NO! - That would be heaven compares to what happens next!!..

She stands back as he watches her in total fear and what does she do??..


He just wishes the ground would swallow him up whole right there and then but aw man whats this??


She tells them what just happened and hes toast!!

So he manages to crawl his way back to his mates who by this time can tell what has happened by the histeria in the corner and well... lets just say his night is pretty much RUINED!!

He was the brunt of the jokes at work and at the gym for weeks to come!!


Well... let me let you into a little secret...

that friend was actually me :(


Are you happy now you got the truth!!?? lol

Oh man what an awful experience, it hurt so much this time cuz i really thought i had it made. I read tons of magazines and articles on how to get chicks and what chat up lines to use but all for nothin!!

But let me tell you another little secret...

After doing a little research on the web the following saturday night (obviously couldnt go out with the guys - id rather eat thorns for a month!) i found something i wish i had of know a week earlier!!

What my friend didn't realize...#&*^% sorry i mean "I" didn't realize is that it wasn't actually the cheesy chat up line that ruined my chances in the first place!!??

Then what the hell was it??

Did i stink, did i dress like a monkey, or am i just darn ugly??

Well i just bought a new outfit that day and my mom said i looked sharp (so it must be true lol!)
I was wearing my new Channel sport after shave that the women totally dig!
And i dont seem to do too bad when women come to chat to me first! - which kinda rules out looking like jabba the hut! (although im sure he has some endeering qualities- to many to mention in fact)

AHEM - Ok where was I - I had found something that totally blew my mind!

It opened my eyes to what women actually look for in a guy and taught me exactly how to do all the things i could never do like chat them up or even how make proper eye contact before hand etc

This thing was amazing i was so glad i came across it you gotta try it for yourself IT ROCKS!

After endless searching for hints and tips on how to pickup chicks properly - AT LAST, a pick-up guide written for men by somebody who truly knows what women think and want… Another woman!

Tiffany Taylor’s guide, called GuyGetsGirl, reveals for the first time all of the dirty tricks women play on men and describes exactly how any guy can use special techniques to attract and seduce the woman or women of his choice.

Questions that have confused us guys for years are finally answered, like:

- What women think when we approach and start talking to them and how we can use this information to our advantage.

- The things girls REALLY care about most – not good looks or fast cars.

- How to create sexual chemistry with a woman without being an arrogant alpha male or the nice guy that always finishes last.

The GuyGetsGirl guide is ever expanding and currently stands at three thick, information packed volumes. Each one covers the attraction, seduction and dating game in detail and describes everything us guys should and shouldn’t do to be successful in the field.

Although I’m sure Tiffany has taken some serious flak from her fellow women for revealing everything she has, I’m confident the massive thanks from millions of grateful men everywhere will provide a little comfort!

All 3 editions of the best-selling guide are available for instant download at GuyGetsGirl now.

You should check it out. After putting some of the things i learned into practice i couldnt believe what was happening.

I was picking up chicks with ease, even without saying a word!

The guys were ringing me every weekend without fail to go out partying and every one wanted to be my buddie.

It has been AWESOME i cant thank Tiffany enough for providing this product - i owe her so much! plus shes hot as hell (hmm i wonder would this work on her?) lol just kidding.

If you are serious about getting more girls when you go out with the guys or even when your in other social situations where you may not think hitching up with someone could ever happen - DONT MISS OUT on this amazing program!

I had to stop using these techniques recently cuz i actually found a girl that i like a little...
ok a lot...
ok I LOVE HER - There i said it! lol

Even though all i ever wanted was girls week in week out and to seem the king of studs, this program unknowingly has led me to a girl i could never in my wildest dreams have imagined being with before!

Shes so hot, funny, intelligent i have to rub my eyes every time i see her its just amazing and its all thanks to tiffany. Without her program id still be that guy in the bar getting laughed at by women and just drinking myself silly ending the night drunk and alone with my bag of fries.

So guys dont take my word for it - check this out now! Theres a special offer on at the minute so you better hurry, not sure if its still on ill check for ya and let you know.

In the mean time, check out the testimonials page to see what everyone else thinks of this amazing product!

Happy hunting! :D